Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life Update: St. Andrews

It is official. I sent in the paperwork today, accepting a position in the Film Studies PhD program at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. I was offered a position a little ways back, but I was recently awarded a three-year bursary as well, which will provide some much needed funding!
Two supervisors were identified for me: Dr. David Martin-Jones and Dr. William Brown.

The project I proposed involves looking at particular global filmmaking contexts where minor cinemas spring up around strongly situated industries. My provisional argument is that these minor groups of filmmakers are utilizing certain filmmaking modes and methods to find production for their, potentially, politically subversive films - though I do not think all of the films I will be looking at will be politically subversive, the way these films find publication is subversive itself. The idea here is not necessarily to study minor filmmakers, however, but to show the ecologies surrounding filmmaking in a global context. It is because of these ecologies that people desire to create these films, and find the necessary means to make them.

Although I'm still wrestling with the purpose/focus of this blog, hopefully I will be able to continue blogging about cinema in general, as well as my progress on the project I will pursue at St. Andrews.

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