Monday, August 24, 2009

LEA Special Issue: Dispersive Anatomies

I've just had a paper published about J.G. Ballard's Crash by the Leonardo Electronic Almanac in a special issue titled 'Dispersive Anatomies' - guest edited by Sandy Baldwin and Alan Sondheim. I suppose the publication date just missed its timeliness... but so it goes.

Guest edited by Sandy Baldwin and Alan Sondheim. Gallery curated by Mez Breeze.

This special issue, guest edited by Sandy Baldwin and Alan Sondheim, considers the network as dispersive anatomy. As the call for papers stated, "A fundamental shift in the way we view the world is underway: the abandonment of discrete objects, and objecthood itself. The world is now plural, and the distinction between real and virtual is becoming increasingly blurred, with troubling consequences within the geopolitical register. This shift is related to a cultural change that emphasizes digital deconstruction over analog construction: a photograph for example can be accessed and transformed, pixel by pixel, cities can be taken apart by gerrymandering or eminent domain, and our social networks are replete with names and images that problematize friendship, sexuality, and culture itself. One issue that emerges here: Are we networking or are we networked? Are we networks ourselves?" The resulting texts and works deal with this fundamental shift in new and illuminating ways.


  1. Dude, took long enough. Congrats, and you better update more often or I'll disperse your anatomy.

  2. Hey, a year and a half later isn't SO bad. I would congratulate you, but I think I did that last year :)

  3. Why do I only have 8 followers when you have 9? I have decided that it is because you are a published author. I must get on that immediately.